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Fertility clinics must walk a fine line with their brand messaging.  You don’t want to sound like you are promising that everyone who enters your clinic will eventually leave with a baby, because that comes too close to making false promises.  Even though health insurance plans are more likely to cover some fertility treatments, most patients must still contribute substantial amounts of money to their treatment out of pocket.  Every person’s fertility treatment journey is unique, but many of these journeys are costly and emotionally challenging, with many disappointments along the way, and there is more than one way the journey may end.  Being a fertility doctor means being good at listening and at communicating painful truths.  Your website is only one of many things you do well as a successful fertility clinic, but it is most patients’ first interaction with you.  Therefore, it is a good idea to optimize your fertility clinic website with the medical website SEO experts at Medical Marketing Network.

How Do You Make Your Fertility Clinic Website Stand Out From The Crowd?

SEO is highly competitive for medical websites, because it is not possible to expand your client base beyond your city and your subspecialty of medicine.  You are trying to attract website visits from the same people that the other fertility clinics in your city want to attract.  You can stand out from the crowd by creating the most informative website possible.  This way, not only will prospective patients visit your website, but so will people who just want to know more about reproductive medicine and people who don’t live in your city but couldn’t find detailed information on the websites of any of the fertility clinics near them.  By including long, detailed articles about a variety of subjects related to fertility treatment (such as surrogacy, reproductive immunology, male infertility, and the pre-implantation testing of IVF embryos, among others), you will make people want to share your content on social media and by email and link it to their personal blogs.

How Can You Bring Your Website In Line With Your Goal Of Patient Centered Care?

Many patients who undergo fertility treatments do so after months or years of trying to summon the courage to contact a fertility treatment clinic.  Your website can go a long way to encourage people to contact you.  For example, fertility clinic website visitors respond well to images of adorable babies and their adoring parents, as well as informative images of zygotes, morulae, and blastocysts.  It also helps if patients can schedule appointments directly through your website with scheduling tools such as Calendly.  This will help your site’s SEO rankings, too, since it will increase your conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors to your site who contact you directly through your site.

The best fertility clinic websites are welcoming and informative.  Contact Medical Marketing Network to maximize the value of your fertility clinic website.

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