SEO for Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors

Until you have operated a private practice medical office, you might think that marketing is less important for healthcare than it is for other kinds of businesses.  Even if you are the greatest otolaryngologist in the world, you are not going to start a fad where all the cool people start getting their adenoids removed.  Being an ear, nose, and throat doctor is not like selling athleisure or bubble tea.  It is still important to make marketing part of your business strategy, but marketing for ENT doctors is less about running Tinnitus Tuesday promotions and more about optimizing your doctor’s office website so it appeals to prospective patients and performs well on Google searches.  The ear, nose, and throat doctor’s office SEO experts at Medical Marketing Network can design or redesign your website for maximum performance.

What Is SEO, And Why Is It Important?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is what digital marketing professionals do to make business websites rank as close as possible to the top of the organic search results listings on Google searches.  When people are searching on Google to find a business that performs a service they need, they rarely scroll all the way to the bottom of the first page of results, much less click through to the second page, so ranking on the first page of results is the bare minimum.

Google’s algorithms assign rankings to sites based on how well the website seems to respond to the user’s search query (such as “East Orange ENT doctor”).  The most recent versions of the algorithms penalize sites for containing features commonly found in illegal, fraudulent, or useless websites.

SEO is important for all business websites because most people use Google to search for businesses.  Even if they originally heard about the business through word of mouth, they search for it on Google to find its contact information.

What Is Special About SEO For Doctor’s Offices?

Every business website is, by nature, competing for SEO rankings with other businesses that occupy the same market niche, but the competition is even stiffer with medical office websites.  No matter how much your patients like you, it is not possible for doctors to create demand.  No matter how awesome you are, there are only so many people in your city who have ear, nose, and throat problems.  People are not going to travel from Texas to New Jersey to see you about their sinus troubles; they will go to a doctor within driving distance of them.  Likewise, people in your city are not going to start consulting you about their digestive upset or foot pain. There are only so many possible visitors to your site, and you have to get their attention before the other otolaryngologists in your city do.

What Makes A Great Website For An Ear, Nose, And Throat Doctor’s Office?

For your ENT clinic website to rank highly on the first page of search results, it should contain a lot of content (text) that is relevant to questions people ask about your practice area.  It should contain various phrases that identify the purpose of your business, such as “East Orange ear, nose, and throat doctor” and “Essex County otolaryngologist,” as well as names of some common problems you treat and treatments you offer.  Including pictures of people on your website, especially before and after pictures, can help increase the conversion rate of your website, which is the percentage of visitors who contact you directly through your website.

Optimizing your doctor’s office website will help you make a good impression on new patients.  Contact Medical Marketing Network to give your ear, nose, and throat clinic website an SEO makeover.

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