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Search Engine optimization (SEO) for healthcare businesses, including chiropractors, is highly competitive.  You and all the other chiropractors in your city are competing for the same patients.  Even if there is suddenly a new influx of patients, such as when a major insurance begins offering coverage for chiropractic care, it will still be the same chiropractors competing for the same audience.  Therefore, every click counts, because the chiropractic clinic that ranks second on a Google search results page stands head and shoulders above the one that ranks third, and the one that ranks third stands head and shoulders above the one that ranks fourth, and so on.  You have everything to gain by engaging the services of the chiropractic website design professionals at Medical Marketing Network to make the website of your chiropractic clinic stand out from the crowd.

What Are NAP And EAT, And Why Are They Important For Chiropractic SEO?

Google’s rankings of a business website reflect the website’s relevance to users’ search queries, so to optimize your chiropractic website, you must prominently display the information that users will need to know.  In the context of website design, NAP stands for name, address, and phone number, and these should appear in a prominent place on your homepage and other pages on your site, such as the contact page.  Your address is especially important, because patients want to find the chiropractic clinic that is closest to their home or work.

EAT is a little more complicated, but just as important to the health of your chiropractic website.  EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.  There is no shortcut to establishing EAT.  You can only do it by populating your website with valuable content that attracts clicks and backlinks to your site.

Why Should You Prioritize Quality Over Quantity With SEO Keywords?

“Content is king” has been the golden rule of SEO since the earliest days of search engines, and Google still relies on keywords to determine how relevant your website is to a given query.  Today, though, keywords are only one of many metrics Google uses in determining SEO rankings, and these days quality matters much more than quantity when it comes to keywords.  Not only is old-fashioned keyword stuffing useless, it is actually detrimental to your site’s SEO rankings.  This means that you should not obsess over outdoing your competition by including a given keyword on your site more times than your competitor does.  You will impress no one by including the phrase “Culver City chiropractic” on your website 20 times, just as your competitor is impressing no one by including it 19 times.  Including the phrase “Bonita Springs chiropractor” once on your About Us page is as good as including it 20 times.  A better strategy is to include as many different keywords as possible on your website; the most natural sounding way to do this is through long form content.

How Can Your Website Enhance The  Patient-Centered Care Experience?

One of the reasons that chiropractic has gained such a large and devoted audience is its patient-centered approach to health and wellness.  You can show patients that you are a competent, caring chiropractor as soon as they visit your website.  Images showing the treatments you perform, as well as your own friendly face make a good impression on new patients.  Making your website easy to navigate will make patients start to feel less stressed before they even contact you.  If you enable them to book appointments directly through your website, through services such as Calendly, you will send the message that you go above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable.

Contact Medical Marketing Network to make your chiropractic website perform well with search engines and make a great first impression on patients.

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