Is your Current Healthcare PPC Company Turning the Faucets on With No Regard of Your Budget?

The right PPC strategy can be a highly profitable to your medical practice if set-up and managed correctly.  The certified  pay-per-click advertising experts at Medical Marketing Network help doctors build the best pay-per-click advertising strategies for their businesses. We manage your budget as if it was our own. Let MMN handle your PPC campaigns and help build your practice profitably.

Improving Your Pay-Per-Click Quality Score

We help increase your Google Quality Score so instead of your cost-per-click going up, our campaigns typically drop in price as we go. This is not the norm and requires ongoing optimization by a Certified Google Adwords company. We’ve got you covered. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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Improving Your Pay-Per-Click Quality Score

Medical PPC is expensive and competitive.  The PPC advertising format requires you to enter an agreement with Google, whereby your ad appears every time a user types a search query that contains a given keyword.  Chances are that every other doctor in your medical specialty in your city wants their ads to appear in response to the same keywords.  If you want your ad to display when someone types “cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles,” so does every other cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles.

Google is happy to take PPC revenue from you and all your competitors, but where your ad appears, as well as how much you have to pay, depends on your company’s PPC quality score.  The exact formula for determining your quality score is known only to a small number of Google employees, but these are the basic elements:

  • The relevance of the keyword to your ads (the cosmetic surgeon’s ad is definitely more relevant to “cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles” than to “am I pretty enough to be a model” or to “Christmas presents for women over 50”)
  • The relevance of the landing page where your ad leads to the keyword queried
  • The click-through rate of the ad and previous PPC ads you have placed

In other words, anyone can do a PPC advertising campaign, but in order to build a successful campaign, you need a team that knows what they’re doing.

How to Build a Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Google Ads is Google’s biggest source of revenue.  So, many businesses are willing to pay for PPC advertising and most of them are paying more than they need to.  A successful PPC advertising campaign involves making strategic use of PPC filters.  Businesses that attempt to do their own PPC advertising simply have too much information available to them, so they end up spending more than necessary on a PPC advertising campaign that doesn’t bring them a lot of new business.  The PPC advertising specialists at Medical Marketing Network will use filters strategically to gain information about click-through rates, the performance of ads, and bidding opportunities for PPC advertisements.

The Importance of Conversion

The conversion rate is the measure of success for pay-per-click advertising, or almost any kind of advertising.  It is the percentage of people out of the total number who click on your ad who take the next step.  What”taking the next step” means varies from one business to another, but in medical PPC advertising, it usually means contacting your medical office by phone or through an online contact form.

The ad is not the only thing that affects the conversion rate. The landing page to which your PPC ad leads matters just as much, if not more. Ideally, each ad should lead to its own unique landing page that tells the reader, in detail, about the service they were trying to find out about when they entered the search query and found your ad.  The landing page is your best opportunity to get patients to contact you.

The spin test is a valuable way of evaluating a landing page.  Look at the landing page for just a few seconds, only as long as it takes to swivel your office chair so that the page goes in and out of view.  When the page is out of your field of vision, ask yourself what it is about.  If you don’t know, the page will not perform well.  If you based your answer solely on an image on the page, your text needs to stand out more.  If you based your answer solely on text, you need more eye-catching images.

The higher your conversion rate, the better your PPC quality score, and the better your quality score, the less Google Ads will charge you for each click.  Of course, it is not that simple.  Google allows competing businesses to bid on PPC keywords.  This means that, not only does your landing page need a high conversion rate, but it also needs a higher conversion rate than your competitors.

Local Service Ads (LSA), another type of paid advertising on Google, are an important adjunct to PPC advertising.  When you pay for these ads, a brief description of your business appears, along with a thumbnail portrait of you.


The key to a successful PPC advertising campaign is a marketing team that makes skilled and knowledgeable use of Google Analytics.  At Medical Marketing Network, we will track all the phone calls and online contact form submissions associated with your PPC advertising campaign.  We also create a customized analytics dashboard for each client and we will share your dashboard with you, so you can track your traffic and your progress toward your goals in real time.

Landing Page User Interface Design

The user interface (UI) design of your landing page can have a big impact on your conversion rate.  At minimum, the landing page should load quickly, format correctly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, and be easy to navigate.  No matter how great your PPC ad or LSA is, users will click away from the landing page without contacting you if your website is glitchy or annoying.  Chances are, they will go back to the PPC ads on Google and click through to the website of one of your competitors.  Medical office landing pages yield a better conversion rate if they show pictures of people; show your patients how healthy and confident you can make them feel.  No one wants to see a cityscape on a doctor’s office website.  If you are a cosmetic dentist or cosmetic surgeon, show before and after pictures of the procedures you perform.

Contact Medical Marketing Network to find out more about how analytics and pay-per-click advertising can improve the performance of your medical website.

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