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The true measure of a successful medical practice is in its interactions with patients and the patients’ health outcomes.  This means that the website of a doctor’s office will not make or break the business.  The world’s most stunningly beautiful and informative website will not keep patients coming back to an incompetent doctor or one whose bedside manner is terrible.  Despite this, the medical field is so competitive that you cannot afford to have your website make a bad impression on patients.  The medical website designers at Medical Marketing Network can design a website that provides value to patients and adds to their impression that your medical practice provides excellent service.

Say “No” to Medical Website Design Templates

Without question, more people will visit your website than ever walk in your front door. That is why your website design for your medical practice should really look above and beyond over any of your competitors. MMN knows the importance of creating a custom website that helps your practice grow.

“Mobile First” is our Motto

The pandemic has accelerated the use of mobile search. In fact, 75% of all local search terms are now coming from mobile phones. This number will continue to grow and that is why MMN designs with mobile first in mind. We create beautiful, fast loading, custom branded websites to help you maximize the chances of turning visitors to patients. We are your secret weapon when it comes to design for your medical practice. Contact us today!

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Why a well-designed Website is Critical for Your Practice

Ever wonder how your competitors turn internet leads to clients? A well-designed website can make the difference between a prospective patient contacting your office or getting frustrated with your website and contacting one of your competitors instead. The second most visited page on your website is the “About us” page, and the third most visited is your “Image gallery” page of your work as it relates to cosmetic procedures. It’s critically important that you provide the best user experience so your potential clients know that you mean business and that the aesthetics of your website matter to you.

The Importance of User Experience and User Interface

What makes a website easy or difficult to use?  Part of it has to do with user interface (UI) which is the way that the website is programmed to handle interactions with human users.  In the context of programming, rather than the context of marketing, user interface is sometimes called human-machine interface.  Interface means communication, so UI has to do with how the site responds to user actions such as scrolling and clicking.  For example, where is the scroll bar, and can users scroll up or down by clicking a button at the top or bottom of the bar, or must they simply drag the box that indicates their position on the scroll bar up or down?  Likewise, where must the user click to access drop-down menus?

In a marketing context, UI overlaps considerably with user experience (UX).  User experience focuses on the way the user feels when interacting with the website.  No one feels joy or amusement when navigating a doctor’s office website, but you do not want visitors to your site to feel annoyance or frustration.  We have all had to deal with annoying websites and it is human nature to click away from them as quickly as possible.   For doctor’s offices, that means that patients visit your site because they need to see a doctor, but they click away from your website and go to your competitor’s site if your website is too annoying to deal with.

At minimum, you need an easy to navigate, quick loading website with a clean-looking format.  No one likes a slow, glitchy, or cluttered website.  The aesthetic aspects of user experience can further make a good impression on prospective patients who visit your site.

People Like to See Pictures of People on Medical Websites

If you have been researching website design for businesses, you have probably seen plenty of examples where a cityscape appears across the top of the company’s homepage.  This is fine for law firms and investment banks; it sends the message that the company does something more serious than simply selling widgets and that it operates in a specific city.  It does not work for doctor’s offices, however.  There is more to the relationship between a physician and a patient than simply existing under the same Space Needle or Sears Tower.  For a patient to want to establish a relationship with a medical office, you need a human connection.

Therefore, your best choice is to include pictures of people on your medical practice website.  This helps with conversion by building trust with patients.  If the area of medicine that you practice has a visually appealing result, then show this on your website.  Dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, and plastic surgeons should show before and after pictures of the treatments they offer.  Fertility clinics should show cute babies and their adoring parents.  Even in areas of medicine that are less photogenic (there is no such thing as a good-looking colonoscopy or MRI), you should show pictures of friendly doctors and nurses and healthy, relaxed patients.

Customer Pain Points on Medical Websites

Essential to your website’s user experience is avoiding features that annoy and frustrate visitors.  Drop-down menus are helpful when done well, but they can also be a source of bad user experience.  Avoid menus that do not display all at once on the screen; do not program your menus to require scrolling, or worse, to require scrolling but not allow it.  Make it easy to expand or close menu items, such as on a frequently asked questions page.

Lack of mobile compatibility is another pain point.  A large percentage of Google searches for doctor’s offices take place on mobile phones; think of the stereotype of insomniacs Googling their symptoms on their mobile phones in the middle of the night.

Medical Website Design by Medical Marketing Network

A well-designed website is one of the building blocks of a comprehensive online marketing strategy for any doctor’s office or healthcare practice.  Without competent website design, your efforts in SEO and pay-per-click advertising will go to waste.  You cannot afford to cut corners when designing a website for your doctor’s office; you need optimal user interface and user experience.  Effective digital marketing for doctors’ offices begins with website design; the rest is just details.  Contact Medical Marketing Network to get a website that is visually appealing and easy for new visitors and repeat clients alike to navigate.

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